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Several years after my mother was diagnosed with cognitive impairment, I became concerned that she was not receiving adequate nutritional intake at the facility she resides in.  I was constantly receiving calls that she was refusing her meals and  was complaining that the portions were too large. Thanks to ezbites my mother is back to enjoying the foods she loves independently while enjoying bite sized portions on her plate.

~R. Chambers



Ezbites was thrilled to serve our signature bite sized entrees at the Dementia Conference hosted by the Alzeimer's Association of Greater Richmond ~ Changing the Culture of Care: Inform, Educate, Empower and Engage.  This conference was a huge event for healthcare professionals as well as caretakers of those with dementia.  

Our Mission:

Produce nutritionally balanced meals in the form of bite sized products, targeting those who have been impacted by cognitive or physical declination and can no longer use cutlery.

 Our Vision:

To improve health outcomes and longevity of individuals with physical and mental healthcare needs.

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